Quota employers are employers who employ at least 20 workers

The quota recruitment obligation can be met:

  • Employing people with disabilities
  • Using a replacement quota
  • By paying cash benefits for the non-employment of persons with disabilities
  • By combining the above methods

The replacement quota can be achieved in the following ways:

  • conclude one or more business cooperation agreements with a self-employed person with a disability
  • conclude one or more agreements on business cooperation with a protective workshop and an integrative workshop, ie a company, cooperative or association in which more than half of the workers are persons with disabilities
  • admit students, persons with disabilities or students with disabilities to the internship determined by the curriculum (one person admitted to the internship is recognized as one employed person with a disability)
  • to accept rehabilitators for internships as part of vocational rehabilitation conducted by the vocational rehabilitation centre (one person admitted for internships is recognized as one employed person with a disability)
  • enter into one or more employment contracts with a student with a disability who has full-time student status
  • to receive professional training for work without the employment of a person with a disability (one person hired for an internship is recognized as one employed person with a disability)
  • give one or more scholarships for regular education to persons with disabilities

An employer who does not meet the quota by employing persons with disabilities or in a substitute manner is obliged to calculate and pay a monthly allowance in the amount of 20% of the minimum wage for each person with disabilities he was obliged to employ in order to meet the prescribed quota.

An employer who employs more persons with disabilities than the prescribed quota and an employer who employs less than 20 workers, including persons with disabilities, is entitled to a cash reward of 30% of the minimum wage per month for each person with disabilities who is in excess of prescribed quota.