Examples of good practice

ACT Group – a consortium of social enterprises operating in various fields. ACT Group is a community of change creators that strengthens the ecosystem of the impact economy in Croatia and the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Through structured and customer-friendly support programs, focused on education, networking and financial support, they enable sustainable growth of companies with positive social impact. The companies/institutions founded / co-founded by the ACT Group generated total revenues of more than HRK 11 million and in 2019 employed a total of more than 50 people.

ACT Konto doo – a non-profit social enterprise specializing in providing professional and quality bookkeeping and accounting services, education and consulting on financial operations and management for for-profit and non-profit organizations in the Republic of Croatia. The realized profit is not paid to the owners but is completely reinvested in the development and education and employment of people with disabilities.

Humana Nova– Social Cooperative Humana Nova is a social enterprise that encourages the employment of people with disabilities and other socially excluded people through the production and sale of quality and innovative textile products from environmentally friendly and recycled materials. It actively contributes to the sustainable development of the local community, poverty reduction and nature conservation. The cooperative employs 38 people, of which 22 people with disabilities, 11 people from the domain of socially excluded people and the manager is an economist.

PUNKT doo – Bistro PUNKT was founded with the aim of employing people with disabilities and their integration into society in the field of catering and agriculture. They were founded in 2016, and today has 11 employees, of which almost 70% are people with disabilities or other hard-to-employ people.

Green Tools Tech – Green Tools Tech is a small European startup with a mission to develop and produce technology that will support regenerative farmers, organic growers, gardeners, permaculturists and other people who have dedicated their lives to sustainable gardening practices.

Hedona – Hedona started her sweet story in 60 square meters and with 6 employees, 4 of whom were disabled. They emphasize and emphasize the development potentials of their employees, and the profit that the social enterprise makes is reinvested precisely through their education, development and growth. Today, Hedona Chocolate has 18 employees, 9 of whom are disabled.

Cooperative Brewery Brlog – Brlog Cooperative Brewery is a story from Zadar, where women started a brewery that is managed for the first time in Croatia according to the model of equality and equality. The lair results and successes speak for themselves. Double sales, employment, and two market-recognized and high-quality beers are available in 150 restaurants and represented by 4 distributors.

Horitvera doo – Hortiriviera is a young and dynamic company specializing in the production of natural cleaning and laundry products. Uses ingredients based on herbs and natural minerals. At least 85% of the ingredients in Croatian products are made. pero® products do not contain artificial preservatives, SLS allergen (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), phosphates, artificial fragrances and dyes. Hortivera selects ingredients from sustainable natural sources, biodegradable, non-carcinogenic and non-toxic to water and other natural resources.

NEOS Cooperative – Neos Social Cooperative was established in 2009 as a social entrepreneurship project. In addition to graphic experts, the cooperative also employs rehabilitated addicts who have previously completed a rehab program and training for graphic or web designers. In this way, we support them in their resocialization and return to normal life.