Invitation to employers – employment of vulnerable groups

The project “Development and support for the development of sustainable models of employment of vulnerable groups in the Urban Area of ​​Pula” aims to increase the employability of vulnerable groups and result in their long-term and sustainable employment. Our intention is to introduce employers to the possibilities of employment of vulnerable groups and to encourage them to employ them, for which we also offer support through educated work assistants/mentors to employed persons of vulnerable groups.

Employers from the area of ​​southern Istria are invited to participate in the employment processes of persons from vulnerable groups, with the intention of being informed about the following topics:

  • legislation
  • quota employment
  • replacement quotas
  • architectural adaptation of the work environment
  • adjustment of work units and processes
  • use of measures and subsidies for the employment of vulnerable groups
  • adaptation of the collective
  • work assistants/mentors
  • other possible forms of employment of vulnerable groups

For more information, feel free to contact us at the following e-mail: