Important note for participants joining the Project

The conditions that must be met in order for you to be included in Project activities, i.e. in education, mentoring or employment processes, are as follows:

Conditions that everyone must meet, at the time of application to the Project:
have a place of residence in the Urban area of ​​Pula
have a registered residence in the Urban Area of ​​Pula

The urban area of ​​Pula = City of Pula, City of Vodnjan, Municipality of Barban, Municipality of Fažana, Municipality of Ližnjan, Municipality of Marčana, Municipality of Medulin, Municipality of Svetvinčenat

Furthermore, in order to be included, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • Be under 25 years old
  • Be over 54 years old
  • Being a person with a disability (proved in two ways: 1. by the decision of the relevant expert body on the type of impairment or 2. by an extract from the entry in the register of persons with disabilities)
  • Being unemployed for more than 6 months if you are younger than 25 years old, or being unemployed for more than 1 year if you are older than 25 years old (proved by a certificate of employment in the CES records or a statement that you are not a student, pupil and that you do not have a job)

The process of inclusion in the Project activities begins with filling out the Entry Form and the Declaration of Participation, after which the acceptability of the data is checked and it is officially included in the Project.

All additional inquiries and information can be found on the website or by sending an inquiry to: